12 Kilometers | Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of the filming of 12 Kilometers.  I created ferrofluid special effects for this horror film

Algae culture for ExxonMobil advertisment

Algae culture for ExxonMobil advertisment

Cultivated algae and created microscopic effects and filmed these for a new ExxonMobil advertisements. Directed by Christian Weber


Behind the scenes interview with Mike Pecci, the director of the horror film  "12 Kilometer".  Special effects created using ferrofluid and imaged at various magnifications using microscopes and a 4k Sony digital video camera

Making of 'Bring colour to life' project

Executive Creative Director: Andy Lockley
Art Director: Doug Lyon
Photographer: Linden Gledhill
Director: Chris Hewitt
Director of Photography: Jason Tozer


Creating The Microscopic Art Of Jon Hopkins' Immunity

Stunning time-lapse photography of crystal growth and chemical reactions form the visual experience for Jon Hopkins' new album Immunity.

Learn how the organic collaboration came together with art director Craig Ward and  Linden Gledhill in the behind-the-scenes video.

Cascades - Behind the scenes

Craig Ward art director "When I first heard Cascades isolated from the rest of the album (Field Drawings by Ryan Teague), winter was very much in the air and the sharp, twinkling notes called to mind at once falling snow, but also a memory from my childhood of a broken jewelry box that belonged to my grandma. The partnerless ballerina in the centre of the box would rotate tremulously to a sparse and lonely clockwork soundtrack that echoed through the over-wound springs in the base"

The video we created to accompany the track was shot over 4 days and took almost 4 months of planning and research. Crystals were created in a purpose build chamber constructed by Linden Gledhill.  Jason Tozer was the DOP for the project